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Women of different paths of arts are united,
in a sensory language they connect
with the intention to share their arts
though a sensory experience.

Living in the Andes Mountains, specifically in the Rukapillán, the volcano protector of different tribes in 
Araucanía, high vibrations are daily release. We gathered that femenine energy to create experiences that guide 
you throughout this sensorial journey.

We believe in co-creating as the highest human potential, Tribu Experiences open a space to wake up our senses to the maximum, uncover the veils, take away our masks, disconnect to connect with nature leaving everything behind. We have been living the discovery of our true selves using rituals and different world tribes tools allowing total transformation. The power of finding ourselves is in us, opening to the experience of Synesthesia is an experience for the search of your senses and for you.

F r a n c i s c a   B u r c h a r d t
Co-founder · General Producer 

I s a b e l   P l o s
Co-founder · Art Director

P a s c a l e   M o u c h a b e k
General Assistance · Photography Filmmaker

J o s e f i n a   V i c u ñ a 

T R I B U   E X P E R I E N C E S